Making a Career Change at 50, How I Did It and How You Can Too

I am Making A Career Change at 50, This is How I am Doing it

If you feel as if you are stuck in a rut and want to make a career change at 50 then here is what I did and hopefully it will help you…

There is such huge potential to make a good income online otherwise why would there be so many sites all trying to get your attention whenever you do a search on Google. I could see that because big sites like Amazon were releasing better and better figures year after year, but often when I did a search for something online it was often not Amazon that I ended up on but someone else’s site which was advertising Amazon products. How did they do that I wondered and was this a way to make a career change at 50.

I started to do some research and came across the principle of affiliate marketing. If you have not come across this before then a brief explanation would be that you do the marketing for other sites and as a result of that marketing any sales that result will mean that you earn a commission. The amount varies so for example going back to Amazon it would be from 4% but items are relatively easy to sell, whereas for a downloadable product such as an E-book on say dog training the commission can be up to 75% because the overheads are smaller.

I then read up a bit about how to start amazon careers promoting different products online. First thing that I spotted was the little adverts that appear on so many websites, and on Google searches. I signed up with Google to get an account to make my own adverts, found a product to promote and put up my first ads.

Mistake number 1. I really had no idea what I was doing and lost money very quickly. Fortunately not a lot because I got a voucher from Google to get me started. I pulled all my ads and took stock again. There are people out there making a lot of money using Google ads, otherwise why are the ads still there but I have since learned that it is a very precise art to get it just right.

Next I signed up for a few free courses. My mailbox was rapidly filled with all sorts of junk mail offering me any number of solutions to make my fortune, often at the touch of a key or by turning my computer into an ATM machine. You could say that was mistake number 2 but I did find some very useful information amongst the junk and also that there were some very genuine people out there.

Being able to pick the rough from the smooth has been a great help in my career change at 50. The real genuine people will give you proper sensible advice to really get you on the right track. They of course will benefit at some stage because if what they provide is of real value then it is worth your while to invest in further training from them. It becomes a true win win situation.

So where am I now? I am now earning a small but increasing income promoting Amazon products, specialist drinks such as malt whisky and online downloads related to several different markets. It is not enough yet for me to give up my day job but I am only a year in on my campaign.

I can set up and maintain websites, promote those sites to get traffic and customers, run a blog to promote my business further and use all manner of online tools to help me. It has been a tough learning curve but well worth it.

My recommendations are for your career change at 50

1) Find an online mentor or forum or group to help you out.
2) Get several different reviews before you buy into anything and make sure that you can opt out whenever you want.
3) Check the small print.
4) Once you find a course of action that you feel comfortable with then the word action is really important. Without it your career change at 50 will not happen.
5) Lastly find something you enjoy doing to start off. It does make the whole thing far more enjoyable and much less of a chore. This has to be a career change for the positive.

Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

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